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What is homeoprophylaxis or "HP"?
Do you take insurance?
Are there any side effects with homeopathic medicine?
What should I expect at the first appointment?

Harmony for the mind, body & soul

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Hope for a brighter future...

I first saw Suesan in order to address my thyroid problem, nostril ulcers and for the burning, nagging pain of peripheral neuropathy.  Through Suesan’s diligence, I am happy to report, my swallowing has improved, my hands and feet are warm again, my nails are growing, less nasal congestion, improved sleep, better concentration, and the neuropathy pain is 99% gone.  I have less pain, more hope for a brighter future, and overall a better quality of life.  Anyone who wants to get a better handle on their health really should consider trying homeopathy and see Suesan.

Mark H.
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