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Suesan Johnson Homeopathy Phoenix Arizona
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I began my homeopathic journey nine years ago when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic disease. After pursuing many therapeutics, the road led us to Dr. Abraham Ber, MD(H).  Dr. Ber was instrumental in restoring health to my daughter’s frail body. During the six years with Dr. Ber, I became fascinated with the power the small doses of medicine made in my daughter’s health.  As time progressed, I began using homeopathy to treat my family and friends for minor illnesses and issues from allergies, bug bites, to muscle aches and fevers.  The time came when I felt the desire to learn more and become a professional practitioner.

In 2019, I graduated from the American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA with a certificate in classical Homeopathy.  I have spent the last year interning at Natural Medicine and Detox under the direction of Dr. Fontes. Working with both children and adults, I help those who are seeking solutions for symptoms ranging from depression, anxiety, headaches, menstrual issues, skin problems, as well as other common conditions.


I am an Arizona native and hold a BS in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. I combine  my clinical experience with my love for helping people to assist clients using effective and noninvasive therapeutics.   


Additionally, I am a certified Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor from Free and Healthy Children International. Homeoprophylaxis is a natural way to educate the immune system to diseases using the principles of homeopathy. 

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Hope for a brighter future...

I first saw Suesan in order to address my thyroid problem, nostril ulcers and for the burning, nagging pain of peripheral neuropathy.  Through Suesan’s diligence, I am happy to report, my swallowing has improved, my hands and feet are warm again, my nails are growing, less nasal congestion, improved sleep, better concentration, and the neuropathy pain is 99% gone.  I have less pain, more hope for a brighter future, and overall a better quality of life.  Anyone who wants to get a better handle on their health really should consider trying homeopathy and see Suesan.

Mark H.
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