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It's time for you to achieve health &  harmony.


Welcome to Health and Harmony where balancing of your mind, body, and spirit begins.  It is my desire to support you to be your highest, most successful version of yourself through the use of homeopathy. This natural, safe, and effective medicine has been used throughout the world for over 250 years.  It is the second most widely used form of medicine.  Homeopathy perfectly complements all other forms of medicine being used from allopathic to acupuncture to chiropractic. Whether you are dealing with anxiety to grief, rashes to back pain, female issues, or general health, homeopathy has the ability to restore health and bring harmony back to your overall wellbeing.  I combine my clinical experience and my educational background, along with my love for helping people to assist in restoring balance in your health so you can live your best life. 

Along with homeopathy, homeoprophylaxis(HP) consultations are offered.


Call for a free 15 minute consultation to see if homeopathy is right for you and your family.  

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Suesan Johnson Homeopath
Healthy Woman after homeopathic treatment

A New You

Homeopathic medicine works with your body’s own immune system to restore balance and health. Homeopathy is derived from the Greek word “homeo” meaning like or similar and “pathos” meaning pathology or illness. So, the literal meaning of homeopathy is similar illness. This means that a homeopathic medicine is administered based upon its ability to mimic the disease state, thereby stimulating the body to heal itself.

Live up to your greatest potential

Hope for a brighter future...

I first saw Suesan in order to address my thyroid problem, nostril ulcers and for the burning, nagging pain of peripheral neuropathy.  Through Suesan’s diligence, I am happy to report, my swallowing has improved, my hands and feet are warm again, my nails are growing, less nasal congestion, improved sleep, better concentration, and the neuropathy pain is 99% gone.  I have less pain, more hope for a brighter future, and overall a better quality of life.  Anyone who wants to get a better handle on their health really should consider trying homeopathy and see Suesan.

Mark H.

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